About Us

    Management Support NPO Club is the NPO that has been approved by the Law to promote specified non-profit activities in October 2002, in Japan.

    A member of the organization is coming from almost all industries in the well-known Japanese corporations. The organization has grown to more than 200 people at present.

    Purpose of the NPO

    1. support the development of young people who will lead the next generation
    2. management support of small and medium-sized companies

    We have the wealth of business experience that has been cultivated in long corporate activities of members, technical expertise, and broad network of contacts.

    The "Exporting Made-in-Japan" web site is the portal site promoting products and services for those small and medium-sized companies seeking to expand their overseas activities through internet.

    If you need some assistance in entering into the Japanese market with your products line, please contact us.

    Email:  yoshida.norito@ka-npom.com

    Uchikanda TK building 6 Floor, 1-5-13 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan