Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. for ECO-Friendly Wood Plastic-made Ground Protection Mats

    Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

    totori plant

    Tottori Plant

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    Okayama plant

    Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces the construction materials with compound material “Wood Plastic” made of wooden biomass and recycled plastic. These products are used mainly by the construction industry and distribution industry.

    Our company is a venture-capital that was established to undertake a new enterprise with the manufacturing technology of Wood Plastic developed by The University of Tokyo, and the products of our company are welcomed by society because of eco-friendly materials.

    Company Name: Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Founded: Feb., 2nd, 2008


    * Tokyo head office

    Koishikawa Rice Blg. 2F, 3-1-24 Koishikawa Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0002, Japan

    * Tottori head office・Plant
    605-23, Tani, Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture, 682-0954, Japan

    * Okayama Plant
    50-85, Kume Industrial Complex, Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, 709-4612, Japan

    Phone: Tokyo head office +81-3-5844-3366

    Main Stockholder: Edge Capital Co., Ltd,

    Technical Consultant: 

    Mr.Naoto Ando
    Professor emeritus of The University of Tokyo

    Affiliated Company: WPT Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Sales of reuse products, Rental business of construction materials, Miscellaneous consulting

    Business Domain:

    Our company manufactures and sells the products made of eco-friendly material “Wood Plastic”. Ground protection boards named “W-Board” and "Diban" are registered for “The application system of new technology and new method of construction” of several prefectural governments of Japan as below.

    • Registration for “NETIS” of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan. (NETIS: The application system of new technology in the public projects)
    • Registration for “The application system of new technology and new method of construction” of Tottori prefectural government of Japan.
    • Authorization for “The cultivation project of new business area with new product” of Okayama prefectural government of Japan.
    • Registration for “The library of new technology and new method of construction” of Fukuoka prefectural government of Japan.

    (1)Development of Wood Plastic

    (2)Manufacturing & selling ground protection mats (W-Board), pallets, gravel fixture accumulations(gravel fixture)

    (3)Consulting business about the application of wooden biomass and the biomass town

    Product Names:

    1) Paving plate (W-Board) (Ground protection board)

    paving plate 

    2) "Diban" for farmland use


    3) Wood Plastic Pallet(to be used for Distribution, Storage and Warehouse)

    wood plate

    4) Gravel fixture accumulations (Gravel fixture)



    1) Making good use of wooden biomass

    Wooden biomass resources as the raw material of our products are wood fibers that are by-products from sawmills. Our Tottori plant and Okayama plant are located in the Chugoku Mountain District where so many sawmill industries are located and they can provided us with their by-product-wastes.

    “Wood plastic” is compound material of wooden biomass and plastic that is melted by friction heat during stirring them together in the melting mixer. This compound material will be molded into W-Board or pallet for distribution industry with large press molding machines (pressure: 3,000 ton class)

    wood biomass

    2) Characteristics of wood plastic

    As wood plastic is compound material of wooden biomass and plastic, various kinds of physical properties of wood plastic can be obtained by changing the mix ratio of both raw materials.

    The wooden biomass is carbon neutral material and can reduce the environment burden much more when it is used much more. The fiber reinforced effect of wooden biomass can make
    1.the bending strength and bending stiffness higher than those of plastic single body,
    2.the expansion and contraction less sensitive to temperature change than those of plastic only
    3.and also obtain higher heat resistance.

    Making good use of these characteristics, our company provides distribution industries with the pallets. Wood plastic scarcely absorbs a rain fall level of water because plastic is very tightly filled into the gap among wooden fibers. Also, the plastic with hydrophobic property contains the cellulose with hydrophilic property within it and demonstrates capsule effect.

    3) Reduction of the amount of emission of carbon dioxide

    Not only through making good use of wooden biomass but also through applying recycling plastic as the raw material, our company is dealing with eco-friendly activities such as the conservation of forests and the reuse of pet bottle caps. Because the weight of our products is very light, which contributes to less oil consumption during the transportation .

    Our products have very large reduction effect to reduce the amount of emission of carbon dioxide.

    Our company has agreed with the Cool Choice Activity that has the target to reduce the amount of emission of greenhouse gas until the year of 2030 by 23% less than that of the year of 2013, and is challenging to spread out our products world-widely.

    Main Customers:

    ・Civil Engineering Work, Construction Companies
    ・Logistic and Warehouse Companies
    ・Landscape Gardeners, Car Parking Companies
    ・Rental Business Companies of Civil Engineering Work and Construction Machinery
    ・DIY stores for farm tools, chemicals, fertilizers and seeds etc.

    Contact Person: 

    Mr. Tota Nakayama
    Phone Number: +81-3-5844-3366 

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