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    Product: Beauty ingredient hyaluronic acid face sheet "HA Warp Sheet"

    This product was developed with our unique nanofiber processing technology.

    In order to supplement the important hyaluronic acid that keeps the skin moisturized, we have developed a face sheet that nano-sized hyaluronic acid forms nanofiber sheet which attaches hyaluronic acid to the skin without using any adhesive.

     (movie) HA Warp Sheet


    (photograph) Appearance of HA Warp Sheet

    11 HA


    (photograph) Structure of HA Warp Sheet

    12 HA


    (movie)HA Warp Sheet as light as a feather


    Appealing Points:

      1. The beauty ingredient hyaluronic acid is used as a thread to make a sheet ⇒ Light weight like a feather
      2. Make hyaluronic acid into a dry sheet ⇒ Instantly dissolved in water and blend on the skin
      3. No adhesive is used ⇒ Hyaluronic acid acts directly on the skin
      4. Sheet that does not peel off when pasted ⇒ Nano-sized hyaluronic acid quickly penetrates into the skin to the stratum corneum


      1. A hyaluronic acid has a very high moisture holding ability and has a very high water retention capacity. That is, it has a capability to store 600 times of water with the mass of hyaluronic acid itself. It is important to keep the skin moisturized.
      2. The cause of wrinkles and sagging is a decrease in hyaluronic acid due to aging. With aging, the physical production amount of hyaluronic acid in the body is also decreases. As a result, the skin cannot retain sufficient water, the structure of the dermis becomes squishy, and the epidermis loosens, thus, causing wrinkles and sagging.
      3. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement hyaluronic acid as a measure against wrinkles and sagging. It is also said that hyaluronic acid, which has been reduced to the nano level, can be absorbed easily into the skin. (Reference: Dr.KAKUKO Sports Clinic web.)


      • Single Package: 10 HA Warp Sheets in a vanity case (L 125mm x D 80mm x H 7mm) (1 sheet can be divided into 2 parts and used)
      • Shipping Box: Stores 200 single packages together, box size (L 390mm x D 275mm x H 280mm)

    Sample availability:

      • Possible with cost

    OEM Order:

      • Minimum 30,000 sheets /order

    Delivery Lead Time:

      • 3 months after the reception of the firm order

    Target customers: 

      • Cosmetic sale corporation, mail order industry and drugstor

    Payment methods & conditions:

      • Consult separately

    Contact Firm:

    Name: Mr. Toru Sekiguchi, Kikoh Corporation

    Division: Managing Director

    Phone: +81-(0)55-973-0008


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