Japanese made natural paints ‘U-OIL HARD’, excellent performance of the outdoor weather resistance.

    Product: Japanese made natural paints ‘U-OIL HARD’

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    U-Oil Paint

    U-Oil Paint

    U-Oil Paint

    U-Oil Paint

    Appealing Points:

    1.U-OIL HARD is called a natural paint for wood made in Japan, utilizing the natural materials such as linseed oil, natural pigment of Japanese product.

    2.Of course, provides for the safety required for the natural paints, also has the feature of quick-drying, coloring, workability, low odor, and further has excellent performance of the outdoor weather resistance.

    3.The main application is painting for residential floor, indoor wood portion such as the inner wall surface, further for the wood deck, outdoor wood, such as the outer wall surface, even more for the furniture, even ‘Do It Yourself’ available.

    4.Colors variation is rich of 66 colors in all.


    A natural paint is a world-wide product, however ‘Made in Japan’ is very rare. The U-OIL is one of them.

    By all means, you can find the excellent performance of (1) safety, (2) quick-drying, (3) coloring, (4) workability, (5) low odor, Especially, you can, compared with other products, find excellency in terms of (6) outside weather resistance. We convince that you can feel and realize the beauty of product made in Japan.

    In addition, color variation is also abundant and we hope that you can create a stylish and natural living space by using wooden materials painted by U-OIL HARD, such as a photograph.

    As natural paints that can be such a design sense of good production, U-OIL HARD has obtained the Good Design Award in September 2016.


    U-OIL hard (indoor and outdoor shared)
    The size of the cans 0.75L 2.5L 3.8L 9L 18L
    66 colors in all

    Sample availability:

    There are samples to be provided by your request, however, it needs to be paid in 1,000 Japanese yen for 100ml× necessary number of colors + shipping costs.

    Delivery Lead Time:

    The cargoes shall be ready for shipment about 1 week or so after our confirmation of order and you may be requested to count some number of days more to reach to your place depending the method of delivery such as airmail or surface mail.

    Target customers:

    Importer and distributor in building/housing materials who has relationship with the customers often the most usage in large-scale projects of wooden houses, building and apartments

    Payment methods & conditions:

    100% prepaid to our bank account by remittance before shipment

    Contact Firm:

    Name: XION Co., Ltd   Mr.Koichiro ISHIKAWA

    Address: 3-8-1 Ryutsucenter minami, Yahaba-chou, Shiwa-gun, Iwate-pref, 020-0891 Japan

    Phone#: + 81- 19-677-7060

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