Safety-Ball Made-In-Japan: PUPPY No.6800

    Product: Safety-Ball Made-In-Japan: PUPPY No.6800

    We have been particular about the brand-name of Made-In-Japan through all the processes of selecting material, manufacturing
    and packing!

    Made-in-Japan Color Selection "Safety Ball" set of 100


    s2 1Even lick, also be safe for health!
    As we have acquired the Food Sanitation Act,
    Babies and little kids can play safely


    s2Why is the diameter 5 cm?
    Just fitting seize for little kids (1~3 years old) to take up!
    Too small, then exists a risk for miss drinking.
    Bigger than this, then hard to take, and exists a fear to fall down when accidentally steps on!


    We have been particular about the brand-nameof Made-In-Japan through all the processes of
    selecting material, manufacturing and packing!


    s3Is the feeling to touch hard?
    As the carefully selected soft polyethylene is used, it is not so hard. It does not have moist softness of vinyl chloride, but has softness easily to get dented when pushing with fingers!




    color variation

    Appealing Points:

    Safety toys for babies and little kids
     ・They can play only with these safety-balls
     ・They can also enjoy to play more joyfully together
    with the below kids-goods which our company sells;
    ・Enjoy Ball House             
    ・Ball House Tent Set
    ・Kids Tent
    ・Colorful Ball Pool


    Safety toys for babies and little kids
    Even lick, also be safe for health!
    Suitable seize for babies and little kids!
    Good feeling of grip!


    spec of safety ball


    Sample availability:

    Available with charge

    Delivery Lead Time:

    After confirming the bank transfer, we will ship within 10 days.

    Target customers:

    ・Toys wholesaler
    ・Toys department store
    ・Toy handling dep. of trading company
    ・Event Planning Company
    ・Leasing Company of Event Goods 
    ・On-line retailing company

    Payment methods & conditions:

    Advanced Payment of Total Amount (Bank transfer to the appointed account)

    Contact Firm:

    Name: PUPPY Co., Ltd. President Takao Inukai

    Address: 464-1, Minamiohkuwa, Kazo City, Saitama Pref., 347-0015, Japan

    Phone#: +81 480-65-8802

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