Anti-Needle-Piercing work glove "Insulin guard"

    Product: Anti-Needle-Piercing work glove "Insulin guard"

    Anti-Needle-Piercing work glove "Insulin guard"

    Anti-Needle-Piercing work glove "Insulin guard"

    Anti-Needle-Piercing work glove "Insulin guard"

    Anti-Needle-Piercing work glove "Insulin guard"

    Appealing Points:

    • Newly developed safety gear to prevent "needle piercing accidents" on working of building maintenance and recycling industrial wastes


    It is an Anti-Needle-Piercing work glove to protect finger parts damages happened many times at hospital based on the statistical data of accidents on working of the building maintenance and recycling industrial wastes.

    In order to avoid the interfere with the movement of hand by the internal ultrathin hard stainless steel, the unique structure cut and finished in a scaly shape "pending patent application" is applied. With this unique technology, fingers can be bent and extended without any strong force. As method of use, it is also possible to use it as the inner part of rubber gloves currently used by workers.


    Color glove 10G used (cotton 100%)
    Palm side: thin plate stainless steel, synthetic fiber ,special high density cross laminate ※ palm sewing
    Size: M size L size

    Sample availability:


    Delivery Lead Time:

    Immediately after firm order

    Target customers:

    • Cleaning staff and hospital officials

    Payment methods & conditions:

    Payment by T/T remittance at the time of order before delivery

    Contact Firm: Porute Co. Ltd.

    Name: Mr.Masashige Takekita

    Address: 1072-7 Kirai, Higashikagawa-City, Kagawa Prefecture 769-2704,Japan

    Phone#: +81-879-25-7800, +81-90-8655-6961

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